Systems Development

We have one of Norway’s largest and most capable system development environments. We make mission-critical core solutions for many of Norway’s biggest businesses, both in the private and public sector. If we start on a small project, or deliver a big program with tens of programmers, they all have access to the same knowledge base and a rich environment where we can consult with each other and the customer.

In our schools for solution architects and programmers, we are particularly concerned with the interaction with other roles, both in Bouvet and the client. If we initiate a project needs analysis, or participate in the management at a client, we have a strong focus on measurable success criteria for the project. Ask us about this relationship! It creates transparency around solution choices, and makes it easy for the surroundings of the project to consider these. This way we can deliver solutions and projects in several channels and multiple technologies – and make sure that we have a rock solid focus on what is actually useful for the client.

We have for many years both created new projects, participated in major programs with clients, and managed these over time. Through this we have gained a wealth of experience on many platforms (JavaScript, iOS, Android, Java, .net, etc.), and the entire life cycle from concept to continuous management. Integration, security, semantics, testing, operation, databases… The list is long.

We are strong on systems development, and we have one more card to play; An interdisciplinary collaboration with other professions (business architects, concept developers, interaction designers, etc.) where we identify and take advantage of the best ways of teaming up with the client. Here we dare say that we have a special advantage!

We are happy to share! We give lectures at the largest academic conferences in Norway, we invite you to our own breakfast seminars, and we even have our own community – Bouvet Tech – where people can come and listen to lectures about the exciting things we do. Feel free to read about the exciting new concepts and solution on our blog!