SAP (yes and ASAP)

We are fortunate enough to have one of Norway’s biggest SAP environments. That means we can be good sparring partners for our clients needs for comprehensive business management. We have seen many clients become better players in the market by using this platform. Once you identify the key business processes and learn to control them through an integrated tool, one may not be able to move mountains, but at least market share, and it helps solving community tasks even better. We enjoy being a part of this.

Implementing, improving, adjusting

Bouvet has conducted total implementations of SAP. We also make modifications, upgrades and improvements on utilizations of SAP modules that are already installed. But because the system rarely operates alone we also know a lot about how to achieve a good integration between SAP and other systems. Our clients like it.

Become better where it counts

For SAP to generate a business advantage you have to link it with business insight, a good grasp of functionality and of course knowledge about how we can use this to get the good business processes we are looking for. We are genuinely excited when customers say Bouvet has helped them to see and realize new business opportunities. That is why we do what we do.

We primarily work in these areas:

  • Business Intelligence – SAP data Warehouse for new insight, based on historical data 
  • Business Process Platform – SAP as the foundation of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), or to put it another way: SAP for providing services 
  • Lean Enterprise Management – SAP business solutions and applications 
  • SAP All-In-One - SAP for small and medium businesses 
  • Mobile solutions for SAP
  • SAP Hana – In memory computing
  • Bouvet is the only SAP Education Partner for SAP Norway. That means SAP has given Bouvet the responsibility for all open SAP courses and customer spesific courses in Norway. SAP courses

Bouvet is also SAP Gold Partner and SAP Partner Center of Expertise. We are quite proud of this.