Map solutions

Is your business on the map?

Digital maps are finding more and more applications. Today there are a number of mapping systems available online, which work more or less satisfactory. Is your business using an oversized, outdated mapping system that costs a fortune in licensing fees and is so slow that it can hardly be used? Or do you use an over-simplified solution based on Google Maps, similar to the ones most others use? Have you ever thought about the idea of providing information and functionality in a digital map solution, but thought that it was too expensive or too much to deal with?

Bouvet can offer mapping solutions:

  • No expensive license costs
  • Quickly
  • With customized functionality
  • Integrated into your website
  • With customized look and usability

Previously you needed dedicated software, expensive server solutions and expensive software licenses to display information on a map. This has become easier with Google Maps, but it binds you to Google’s terms and restrictions. Map solutions based on open source software is now a fully-fledged alternative, offering top performance, reduced costs and the ability to tailor the solution to your needs.

Bouvet has experience and knowledge of both geographic information and software that allows you to show this effectively online. We use free software where appropriate, and can tailor the solution to your needs. In close collaboration with experts on usability, we ensure that your business puts itself on the digital map with a solution tailored to your needs.