BizTalk Health Check

Bouvet provides a high-scale BizTalk health check. The health check will go through the entire environment, locate any issues, and provide recommendations. The health checking includes a three-day on-site diagnostic check where all findings will be discussed. We will provide recommended solutions for the most critical findings. When the on-site health check is completed, we will provide a report regarding the health of the environment. This This will include all finidings with BizTalk applications and environment. This is a third-party health report. It will provide you with the knowledge of the health for your environment.

Key points covered in the health check are:

  • Review the BizTalk installation
  • Review the BizTalk configuration
  • Review business critical application and their behavior
  • Review disaster recovery plan
  • Review all internal framework for BizTalk
  • Identify potential problems current and for proactivity
  • Identify and abnormality with the BizTalk environment
  • Teach best practices

When a health check is scheduled, a BizTalk Server engineer from Bouvet will come on-site for an evaluation of the BizTalk environment. The engineer will perform extensive diagnostic and health checking and interview the operations staff of the BizTalk environment. After the data has been analyzed, all findings will be delivered back in a final report. The report will include a plan for mitigating any problems discovered.

A health check will help decrease support costs, identify any problems and help to create a better workflow for BizTalk administrators and BizTalk developers. We recommend performing a health check on a BizTalk environment, preferably by someone outside the company.