Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is all about collecting, analyzing and providing access to information to make informed decisions and adapt quickly to changes. Bouvet combines business knowledge and understanding of technology with the ability to analyze, compile data and implement solutions.

We are heading full speed ahead into a new era in terms of BI. There are more data sources, they have new formats and the location is not always in their own infrastructure. The decision makers no longer have time to wait for reports. Tablets and mobile phones are increasingly important tools for extracting business information. In other words, there is a need to innovation for both existing and new BI clients. 

Bouvet is the perfect advisor and provider of services within BI. Not only do we have experience with traditional BI (with deliveries to Statoil, Nortura, NRK, Agder Energi and Teekay), but we also have the width to be able to give advice in relation to your new everyday BI challenges.