Application Management

Selecting application management from Bouvet provides additional assurance that the solutions that are being applied are functioning properly and enjoy a long life span while providing users with the expected value.

To us application management is a long-term collaboration on a solution that is in production. As requirements change over time, application management ensures the solution remains a good fit with business and technical needs, and avoids the pitfall of ending up with a major maintenance backlog and a great reduction in the value of the initial investment.

The following services are usually included in application management:

  • Service management including coordination, change management, status reporting and meetings
  • Support / service desk
  • Contingency plans that ensures that the client that the supplier  has competent resources available to do work on the application
  • Debugging, testing and deployment of fixes
  • Improvements to the application that prevent errors and/or improve the performance, security or capacity
  • Technical and functional development of solutions


The management of applications covered by the agreement will be carried out by a management organization consisting of the following roles:

  • A Service Manager reporting to the client’s contact person. The Service Manager's main task is to ensure optimal management. Key features are prioritizing tasks, resource coordination, and quality assurance and reporting.
  • A Service Desk that monitors the incoming tasks and that is responsible for supervision and involvement of the right resources.
  • A Technical Manager is responsible for preparing specifications and quality assurance of the technical solutions.
  • Developers that have expertise in the appropriate solution will assist with troubleshooting, modifications and other technical issues. The same developers will also be involved if there is a need for further development of the solution.
  • Consultants specify changes and study needs.

Quality assurance system

Bouvets framework is based on ITIL, reinforcing it with its own methodology, but we adapt to the client’s already-established quality assurance procedures should this be needed. A case management system is used to ensure high quality with built in procedures for collaboration, testing, change management, documentation and more. The client gets full access to the management system via a web solution including features for reporting support needs, dialogue with the management team, news and overview of performance against defined performance criteria like for instance response time.

Quality measurements

Our goal is to make both the client and users satisfied with the quality of service we deliver. To Bouvet quality means:

  • To deliver what the client expects
  • To deliver on time
  • To deliver at the right cost
  • We continually measure the quality of the services provided in relation to agreed service levels.