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Nortura - Application Management

The challange

Nortura is Norway's leading supplier of meat and eggs. They buy and sell animals and receive animals for slaughter from the farmers. The exchange of information between Nortura and the farmers is to a high degree digitized. A number of specialized  IT tools are also used within Nortura. In order to manage and develop these solutions, Nortura needs a partner that have expertise in the different concepts and technologies that are used. They also need a partner that can offer professional application management services.

The solution

In cooperation with Nortura's subsidiary Matiq, Bouvet helps farmers and Nortura employees to become more efficient. The farmers log in to their personal site and report slaughter and buying of animals, while Nortura employees are doing planning and coordination within the same application. By using a planning tool for slaughter, the chicken farmers get notified about when chickens are being delivered and picked up for slaughter.

In the factory, the personell doing quality control are using a tablet and mobile applications to check that the quality is according to Nortura's strict requirements. After the products are wrapped, the Matex system makes sure that they are put on the right truck.

To ensure that farmers, Nortura and the shops get the prices, a Business Intelligence system and the Budgen system is used. Between all these applications being maintained and further developed by Bouvet, a system for Master Data Management keeps information about the farmers.

Among the technologies being used are .NET, SharePoint, iOS, web technology and Microsoft's stack for Business Intelligence.