New train information solution


Developed by Bouvet on behalf of the NRA, this solution provides electronic access to updated information for train drivers, train controllers and traffic controllers.

Tablets take over

Timetables, train passings on the single-track line and service delays are examples of the particulars previously distributed on paper which will now be circulated in digital form.

Several of the train companies running on Norwegian rail lines, such as Norwegian State Railways (NSB) and Swedish State Railways (SJ), will equip their drivers with tablets so they can use the system.

Train controllers will easily be able to generate and distribute new communications, which the drivers can acknowledge receiving from their tablets.


Christian Stensholt

Bouvet project manager Christian Stensholt on the first train from Narvik to use the FIDO system.

The start-up on the Ofoten line, which runs between Narvik and the Norwegian-Swedish border, went well. Train/traffic controllers and drivers were pleased with the functionality of the system.

"Our collaboration with Bouvet has been excellent," says project manager Hans Erik Wiig at the NRA. "We've received good suggestions from the company, and it's listened to our comments. Bouvet's project team are an able bunch, who've developed a sound knowledge of the railways."

Plans call for the FIDO solution to be extended to other railway lines in Norway from this May.