E2E300 Business Process Operations

5 day(s)
32 000


Course version: 095

Understand how business processes running in a solution landscape should be supported as part of Run SAP like a Factory by an Operations Control Center
Understand the different aspects of Business Process Operations
Use the different SAP tools for the execution of the daily operational procedures within Business Process Operations
Identify which roles should be involved in the implementation and execution of a Business Process Operations concept

Members of a customer support organization who want implement Business Process Operations and want to understand what the operational procedures in the area of Business Process Operations (as part of Run SAP like a Factory) look like and how SAP Solution Manager can be used for these operational procedures
TQMs who want to lead implementation projects for Business Process Operations

Basic understanding of Support processes
Basic understanding of SAP Solution Manager
Fundamentals of SAP Systems

Course based on software release


  • Introduction to Business Process Operations
  • Business Process and Interface Monitoring, including the usage of Business Process Monitoring and Reporting for BPMon alerts in SAP Solution Manager
  • Job Scheduling Management, including the usage of the job request process, job documentation and job monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
  • Data Consistency Management, including the usage of the Data Consistency Monitoring, the Guided Self Service for DCM and Cross- Database Comparison in SAP Solution Manager and the tools for transactional correctness
  • Business Process Improvement, including the usage of Business Process Analytics and the BPO Dashboards in SAP Solution Manager
  • Business Process Performance Optimization
  • Operations Control Center

The course provides details on the operational procedures, relevant tools and involved roles in the area of Business Process Operations
The course does not cover the configuration of the various Business Process Operations relevant functions in SAP Solution Manager.