THINK1 Design Thinking for Business Innovation - Live experience

2 day(s)
14 000
Adrian Wood

Adrian has many years with delivering training courses in many different locations. He also has many years of working in projects giving him a lot of practical experience and real-life examples. Adrian receives excellent scores on all his work. 


Course version: 003


  • You will learn the Design Thinking as a creative problem solving approach to enable you and to use in solving customer individual challenges, like defining new strategies, organizations, processes and of course defining new customer individual IT solutions.
  • This is done by solving a concrete (not IT related) training challenge within 2 days training duration.
  • The training participants will team up to groups and walk through all Design Thinking phases, inspired and coached by Design Thinking professionals from SAP. They will solve the training challenge and close the training by building a "low-fi prototype" which addresses the challenge.
  • SAP Development has adopted Design Thinking and meanwhile it is part of the Standard SAP software development process.

Solution Architects, Project Leaders, Managers, Application and Technical Consultants (generally, all people who work with others to solve problems)
People who would like to run the methodology within their own company and act as multiplier there.

The training challenge in the workshop will be chosen in such a way that NO specific knowledge or IT expertise is required.

Video Clip - Design Thinking by IDEO’s David Kelley

Course based on software release


  • Overview and theoretical Introduction of the Design Thinking topic.
  • Working in groups on simulated challenge and going through the whole Design Thinking cycle. During the process many typical Design Thinking technics and methods will be used.
  • Scoping: Brain dump of the knowledge of the team members to get a common understanding of the challenge
  • Research: Preparation and execution of interviews to gather relevant user data and generating emphatic understanding of the user.
  • Synthesis: Communicate the collected data in the team (storytelling), compression of the data with the help of Persona Definitions and Point of View techniques.
  • Ideation: Generating solution ideas using various creativity- enhancing techniques (e.g. brainstorming, Remember the Future, etc.).
  • Prototyping: Building a "low-fidelity" prototype which addresses the challenge
  • Validation: Presentation of the prototype; learning from the feedback


  • Design Thinking is a problem-solving approach with its origins in the product design and therefore has to rely heavily on creativity and deep understanding of the later product users. Meanwhile, the approach is applied also to overcoming a variety of challenges in business.
  • The application of Design Thinking requires no specific "design" experience or personality traits, which the designer profession usually requires.

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