SAPX03 SAP Fiori Implementation, Administration and Configuration

5 day(s)
32 000


Course version: 010

Course announcements

  • This course is designed to give learners an understanding of a typical SAP Fiori system landscape and architecture, the core functionality of SAP Fiori, installation, configuration, authorization, and the deployment of SAP Fiori Apps. Participants will learn key and relevant architectures, including Any DB based architectures and architectures using the HANA XS Engine for Analytical Apps. The course also covers the installation of the XS Engine and the configuration of Analytical Apps (KPI prerequisites, general overview, how to create KPIs). Participants will also gain familiarity with the basics of SAP Gateway OData Services and the various configurations required for Transactional Apps, Fact Sheets, Analytical Apps and the SAP Fiori Launchpad. An introduction to the SAP Fiori Cloud edition will also be covered.
  • Learners will be engaged in many topics across several roles in order to gain an understanding of the core project team requirement to implement and configure the solution. After taking this course, learners should enroll into more detailed courses that satisfy their primary job role (e.g. SAPX05 thru SAPX12 for the developer role).
  • There will be intensive hands-on exercises performed during the course on standard configuration, basic administration, customization and extensions of SAP Fiori Apps.

Understand SAP Fiori system landscape architectures and core functionality
Understand the fundamental architecture, authorization, installation, & deployment of SAP Fiori applications
Perform configuration and extensions of SAP Fiori applications
Perform some fundamental administration tasks

Application Consultant
Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User
Development Consultant
System Administrator
Technology Consultant

GW100 or equivalent
SAPX05 or equivalent
Practical knowledge of common business processes
Knowledge of integrated processes in an SAP System
Familiar with SAP ERP system and/or have SAP ERP implementation experience
Ability to understand software components and architecture

SAP Workflow knowledge
Knowledge of ABAP program and objects
SAP Basis knowledge & Authorization concepts
Basic knowledge of MVC framework for UI, SAPUI5, HTML5 and JavaScript
Knowledge of OData and SAP Gateway

Course based on software release
SAP Fiori & SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 latest SPS & NW7.40 latest SPS (with latest SAPUI5 component) & latest S4/ HANA Simple Finance component

SAP Fiori Introduction and Architecture
- Define the role of SAP Fiori in SAP User Experience
- Identify SAP Fiori Architecture and Technology
- Explain the Role of SAPUI5
- Explain the role of SAP Gateway and OData
- Explain the S/4 HANA Architecture
- Perform SAP Fiori Configuration

SAP Fiori Installation
- Install SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori System Configuration & Security
- Identify the system configuration
- Configure Factsheets
- Configure SAP Fiori Security

Launchpad Configuration
- Configure Launchpad
- Configure Transactional Apps & Factsheets
- Explore SAP Fiori Theme Designer

Data Flow
- Perform Activities related to Runtime Data Flow
- Workflow
- Explain SAP Business Workflow Basics
- Extend Approve Requests and use My Inbox

SAP Fiori on SAP HANA (Analytical Apps)
- Identify HANA XS Engine and Architecture
- Install Analytical Apps
- Configure Analytical Apps
- Extend Analytical Apps
- Extend Factsheets

Extensibility (Transactional Apps & Factsheets)
- Extend Transactional Apps in SAP Fiori
- Perform SAP Fiori UI Extensibility
- Understand Basics of SAP Fiori UI Extension
- Extend SAP Fiori UI

SAP Fiori Cloud Edition
- Explain SAP Fiori Cloud

Integrated End User Feedback Feature and Activation for Fiori
- Explain the Integrated End User Feedback Feature

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