SAP HANA-based data warehousing 1 day training

1 day(s)
4 000


Unlock the full value of your existing or future HANA-based data warehousing

You are interested in this 1-day training on SAP HANA-based data warehousing if you want to understand how to unlock the full value of your existing or future HANA-based data warehousing investment through:

  • Radical simplification of information structures with new objects and modelling capabilities such as Advanced Data Storage Object (ADSO) and Composite Provider
  • New ETL and integration capabilities to seamlessly merge your enterprise data warehouse platform with external data sources such as big data platforms and data lakes
  • Optimized front end tools for HANA-based reporting such as data discovery & visualization, MS office integration and basic reporting scenarios

No matter whether you are planning a major project to adopt real-time reporting or simply looking for ways to achieve quick wins by small incremental development of your existing data warehousing and reporting platform.

Currently we have scheduled the following 1-day SAP HANA-based data warehousing training courses:

03.11. Helsinki (FI)
23.11. Oslo (NO)
01.12. Copenhagen (DK)


1 Participant: 400 €
2 Participants: 750 € (5% discount)
3 Participants: 1.050 € (10% discount)
4 Participants: 1.350 € (15% discount)
5 Participants: 1.600 € (20% discount)
5+ Participants: 250 € per person above 5
Prices is excl. VAT.

SAP will count the total number of participants per company, and secure that correct discount is given.

The discount is valid with bookings across the locations.


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