GRC330 SAP BusinessObjects Process Control 10.0 - Implementation and Configuration

5 day(s)
32 000


Course Version: 096

5 days

Delivery Type
Instructor-led Classroom

Implementation Consultants
Key Technical Business Users involved in an Access Control project
IT Governance Experts
Consultants for SAP Security and GRC IT Auditors
Business Project Team Leaders
Course Announcements

Essential: GRC100_96 SAP BusinessObjects Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)10.0 Solution Overview and Harmonization
Knowledge of integrated processes in an SAP System
Knowledge of authorization concepts in an SAP System
Practical knowledge of common business processes
Recommended: None

Describe and configure functionality and features for SAP BusinessObjects Process Control 10.0
Discuss Harmonization topics as they relate to Process Control
Describe tasks performed during a day in the life of a typical Process Control user
Discuss customizing and authorization
Describe and use Content Lifecycle Management (CLM)
Describe and use Master Data Upload Generator (MDUG)
Discuss upgrade considerations for application consultants
Set up a Multi-Compliance Framework
Configure Planner to create and monitor plans
Customize reports, configure dashboards, and discuss compliance dashboard reporting
Discuss Report Framework Harmonization
Explain and Configure components of the Continuous Monitoring Framework
Create and view plans in Planner Monitor
Perform Continuous Monitoring tasks
Configure Process Control to support Integrations
Manage issues and policies

Course Based on Software Release
SAP BusinessObjects Process Control 10.0
SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.05
SAP NetWeaver 7.02

Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Process Control 10.0
- Process Control 10.0 Overview
- Key Features and Benefits
- A Day in the Life of a Process Control User

GRC 10.0 Harmonization Review
- How Process Control Fits into the GRC Solution
- Regional Compliance Regulations
- Information Architecture
- Harmonized Navigation
- Delegation
- Role-Specific Users

The Process Control User Interface
- Work Centers Overview
- Controlling Work Center Display
- My Home Work Center
- Master Data Work Center
- Rule Setup Work Center
- Assessments Work Center
- Access Management Work Center
- Reports and Analytics Work Center
- Authorizations and User Views

Customizing and Authorization
- Process Control IMG Structure
- Basic and Common Customizing
- Process Control Specific Customizing
- Process Control BC Sets
- Basic and Application Roles

Content Lifecycle Management (CLM)
- CLM Features, Landscape, and Use Cases
- Importing Data
- Packaging Requirements
- CLM Configuration and Related Integrations

Master Data Upload Generator (MDUG)
- MDUG Overview and Prerequisites
- MDUG Process Flow and Sequence of Events

Upgrading to Process Control 10.0

Multi-Compliance Framework (MCF)
- Configure a New Compliance Initiative in the MCF

Planner Overview
- Planner Features and Navigation
- Plan Creation
- Planner Monitor
- Planner Configuration

Reports and Analytics
- Report Features and Navigation
- Crystal Integration
- MCF in Reporting
- Report Framework Harmonization
- Metadata Configuration
- Dashboards
- Overall Compliance Status Dashboard
- IMG Dashboard Configuration

Continuous Monitoring
- Continuous Monitoring Framework and Business Benefits
- Pre-Configuration
- Connectors
- Data Source
- Business Rule
- Business Rule Assignment
- Scheduler
- Job Monitor
- SAP Queries
- Configurable Rule
- Programmed Rule
- ABAP Reports
- Process Integration

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