C4C30 SAP Cloud Applications Studio

4 day(s)
26 000


Course version: 092

The SAP Cloud Applications Studio course simulates the development of a specific customer requirement into a SAP Cloud for Customer functional enhancement using SAP Cloud Applications Studio. Participants are introduced to the Partner Development Infrastructure (PDI) and gain hands-on experience with the Software Development Kit (SDK) using its key features. The SAP host guides participants through the design, development and deployment of a SAP Cloud for Customer add-on solution.

SAP Cloud for Customer developers using SAP Cloud Applications Studio
Technical consultants

Development experience

Development experience with .NET or similar programming language

Course based on software release
SAP Cloud for Customer

Overview of SAP Cloud Applications Studio
Generate new business objects
Create user interfaces for new business objects
Build fine-tuning activities related to the new business objects
Create extension fields
Adapt existing user interface to include extension fields
Establish extension field link between the new business object and an existing business object
Integrate data via web service and XML
Tracing and Debugging feature
Build data source for new business object
Create new report, based on the data source, via Key User Tools
Establish approval task and enable notification rule, based on the new business object
Architecture and building Add-on solutions for Mobile devices
Mashups development
Create Reuse libraries
Create Process extension scenarios
Publish new add-on in scoping
Lifecycle Management of the add-on solution

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