PLM310 Maintenance and Service Processing: Preventative

3 day(s)
20 500


Course version: 015

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This training course provides a detailed overview of the business processes involved in preventative maintenance and service processing. It focuses on time-based and performance-based maintenance planning in the area of Enterprise Asset Management. Participants will learn about the integration between Plant Maintenance and Quality Management, or the procurement of services based on the maintenance plan.

Manage your maintenance planning with strategies that optimize your processes.

Application Consultant
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User

PLM300 or
PL300E or


Course based on software release
SAP ERP 6.07

Management of Task Lists
- Managing Task Lists
- Creating Task Lists
- Creating an Order with a Task List
- Configuring Task Lists
- Customizing Task Lists

Single Cycle Maintenance Planning
- Describing Maintenance Plans
- Creating a Maintenance Plan with the Order Call Object
- Scheduling a Single Cycle Plan
- Creating and Scheduling a Maintenance Plan with the Notification Call Object
- Creating and Scheduling a Maintenance Plan with the Service Entry Sheet Call Object
- Customizing Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Planning with Time-Based Strategy
- Describing the Structure and Functions of a Maintenance Strategy
- Assigning a Maintenance Strategy to a Task List
- Developing a Time-Based Strategy Plan
- Scheduling a Time-Based Strategy Plan

Maintenance Planning with Performance-Based Strategy
- Creating and Maintaining a Counter for a Technical Object
- Creating a Performance-Based Maintenance Plan
- Scheduling a Performance-Based Maintenance Plan
- Describing Customer Exits

Maintenance Planning with Cycles of Different Dimensions
- Creating a Multiple Counter Plan
- Scheduling a Multiple Counter Plan

Supplementary Processes for Preventive Maintenance and Service
- Creating a Maintenance Plan on the Basis of a Maintenance Contract
- Describing the Connection to a Process Control System
- Creating the Relevant Customizing Settings for Test Equipment Management

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