PLM305 Managing Technical Objects

3 day(s)
20 500


Course version: 015

Course announcements
This course provides the foundation to ensure your Enterprise Asset Management business processes benefit from optimal master data integrity. Upon completion of this training you will have the confidence & knowledge you need to setup your objects and assets to meet your business requirements.

Explain, in detail, object and asset structures in the Enterprise Asset Management and Customer Service area, which form the backbone for processing maintenance and service measures.
Confidently configure all necessary settings for enablement of EAM processes

Application Consultant
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
Program / Project Manager

PLM300/PL300e Business Processes in Plant Maintenance, or PLM301 Business Processes in Customer Service


Course based on software release
ERP 6.0 EhP7

- Functional Locations
- Structuring Functional Locations
- Creating Functional Locations
- Transferring Data
- Describing Additional Functions and Enhancements for Functional Locations
- Defining Alternative Labelling
- Summarizing Customizing Settings for Functional Locations

Linear Asset Management
- Structuring Linear Assets
- Structuring Object Networks
- Summarizing Customizing Settings for Linear Assets

- Structuring Equipment
- Defining Equipment Categories
- Applying Status Management
- Assigning Partners and Addresses
- Defining and Configuring Warranties
- Integrating Asset Accounting into SAP Enterprise Asset Management
- Performing a Configuration Check
- Modifying SAP Standard by Using BAPIs, Customer Exits, and Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)
- Classifying Equipment
- Summarizing Customizing Settings for Equipment

Bills of Material (BOM)
- Structuring Bills of Material (BOM)
- Summarizing Customizing Settings for BOM

Serial Numbers
- Structuring Serial Numbers
- Performing a Stock Check for Serial Numbers
- Summarizing Customizing Settings for Serial Numbers

Measuring Points and Counters
- Structuring Measuring Points and Counters
- Executing Measurement Reading Transfers and Counter Replacements
- Summarizing Customizing Settings for Measuring Points and Counters

Vehicles and Pool Asset Management
- Managing Vehicles and Pool Assets
- Summarizing Customizing Settings for Pool Asset Management