SCM500 Business Processes in Procurement

5 day(s)
32 000


Course Version: 015

Course announcements
This course will give you the fundamental knowledge and a comprehensive overview of the processes in procurement in SAP. After attending this class you will understand the major business processes and functions in materials management. This course is a prerequisite for any furthur curriculum in SCM (Supply Chain Management.)

Participants learn about the fundamental elements of materials management.
Participants understand usage of the procurement processes for stock material, consumable materials, and services, the basic functions from purchasing, inventory management, invoice verification, service entry, and materials planning.
Topic-specific exercises in the SAP system give participants the opportunity to gain first-hand practical experience of the above processes.

Application Consultant
Business Process Architect
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
Program / Project Manager

General understanding of procurement processes and SAP Navigation
SAP129 SAP Navigation

SAP01 SAP Overview

Course based on software release
SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7

Procurement Processes
- Defining Processes and Organizational Levels in Procurement
- Maintaining Purchase Orders
- Posting Goods Receipts
- Entering Invoices

Master Data
- Maintaining Vendor Master Records
- Maintaining Material Master Records
- Using Entry Aids for Master Data Maintenance
- Performing Mass Maintenance

Stock Material Procurement
- Applying Conditions in Purchasing
- Handling Requests for Quotations and Quotation Processes
- Creating Purchase Orders with Reference
- Maintaining Purchasing Info Records
- Analyzing Material Valuation
- Posting Goods Receipts for Purchase Orders
- Entering Invoices with Reference to Purchase Orders

Consumable Material Procurement
- Purchasing Consumable Materials
- Creating Purchase Requisitions
- Creating Purchase Orders with Reference to Purchase Requisitions
- Entering Valuated and Non-Valuated Goods Receipts
- Creating Blanket Purchase Orders

External Services Procurement
- Maintaining Master Data for External Services
- Ordering Services
- Creating Service Entries and Verifying Invoices

Automated Procurement
- Maintaining Data for Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
- Maintaining Contracts and Source Lists
- Performing Procurement Processes Automatically

Reporting and Analytics
- Using Standard Reports
- Performing Standard Analyses in the Logistics Information System

Introduction to the SAP Buyer Role
- Assessing the Buyer Role

Self-Service Procurement
- Examining the Functions of Self-Service Procurement