HY410 hybris Commerce Developer Part 2

3 day(s)
20 500


Course version: 002

Course announcements
This course illustrates fundamental commerce topics and helps participants understand what commerce functionality is available out of the box and what has to be implemented. It is designed for developers. Participants will create a merchandise web shop based on the hybris B2C Accelerator and will learn how to modify the underlying data model, create new CMS components with the corresponding cockpit configuration, integrate a payment provider, create new facets with Solr, personalize the shop by creating new Behavioral Targeting Group rules and learn how to create new promotion types. Order management is also well covered using the example of providing self-service order cancellation for customers.

This course will prepare you to:
Create a fundamental, state-of-the-art e-commerce application based on hybris.

Software developers
Software architects
Technical consultants

Excellent knowledge in Java J2EE concepts and patterns / Spring Framework


Course based on software release
hybris 5.4

Introduction and Software Developer Review
- Review of different areas from HY400

hybris Commerce Accelerator
- Overview
- Architecture

Commerce Basics
- basecommerce
- BaseStore
- Cart and order
- Order process
- Stock level management

Commerceservices and commercefacades
- Data model contributions, services
- Data objects (beans)
- Populators and converters

Search and Navigation
- Facet search
- ETL (extract, transform, load) by means of Solr
- Querying Solr
- ysolr runtime configuration
- Server topology and replication

Omni Commerce Connect
- Introduction to ycommercewebservices
- Accessible resources
- Customizing Commerce web services
- Discussing a sample order flow

- Definition
- Architecture

Web Content Management System (WCMS)
- Overview, CMS Cockpit
- Data Model (PageTemplates, Pages, CMS Components)
- Flow on sample Accelerator storefront

Advanced Personalization
- Customer segments
- Rules and actions

Accelerator Advanced Features
- Guest checkout
- Buying Online Pickup In Store
- SEO Support

- Price factory
- Price calculation
- Tax calculation
- Discount calculation

Order Management
- Order management
- Order flow (Payment check, fraud detection, order splitting)
- Warehouse integration
- Customer services

Vouchers and Promotions
- Single code and multi code vouchers
- Voucher restrictions
- Product level and order level promotions
- Promotion restrictions

- Architecture
- Integration

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