HY200 hybris Commerce Functional Analyst

2 day(s)
14 000


Course version: 004

Course announcements
This course teaches participants the functional "nuts and bolts" of the SAP Hybris Commerce solution. It is aimed at people involved in requirements gathering and functional solution design. Participants will learn about SAP Hybris Commerce features and functionality from a business and from a technical perspective to get an all-round view of the software and its advantages.
All aspects of the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite from architecture to frontend solutions are covered, including knowledge of the SAP Hybris Commerce Platform, the SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerators, the complete back-office functionality, and the related technologies.

This course will prepare you to:
Describe SAP Hybris Commerce features and functionality from a business and technical perspective to give an all-round view of the software and its advantages.

Business stakeholders
Project managers
Functional consultants
Business analysts
QA managers

Fundamental understanding of web technologies and e-commerce concepts


Course based on software release
SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0
Java version 8


User Interfaces
- Introduction to the Accelerator concept
- Key features and technology behind the Hybris Accelerators
- Mobile
- Introduction to the business and administration tools provided by SAP Hybris Commerce Suite

Content Management
- Content Management Overview
- Product Content Management
- Catalog Management
- Product modelling (classifications and variants)
- Bundling
- Business Process Engine
- Workflow and Collaboration
- Media Management
- Web Content Management
- Advanced Personalization
- Customer Experience: Smart Edit & Merchandising
- yForms

Commerce Management
- Commerce Management Overview
- Search
- Advanced Personalization
- Cart and Checkout
- Payment
- Promotions and Vouchers
- Bundling
- Subscriptions and Entitlements
- B2B specific functionality

Order Management
- Order Management Overview
- Order Management Features
- Customer Services Module
- Assisted Services Module

Data Integration
- Data integration landscape and legacy systems
- Data Modeling
- Data Hub
- ImpEx and Hot folders
- SAP Hybris Omni Commerce Connect and Commerce Infrastructure Services
- YaaS & YaaSConnect

SAP Integration
- SAP Solution Integration Overview
- Backend Integration
- SAP CPQ for Product Configuration
- SAP CAR Integration
- SAP Hybris Marketing Integration
- SAP Hybris C4C

Technical Basics
- SAP Hybris architecture (modules, extensions, addons)
- Example of the system architecture based on SAP Hybris Commerce
- Process automation via Cronjobs
- Internationalization
- Security and user management
- Data Validation
- Reporting
- Rules Engine

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