HR580 Analytics and Reporting in HCM

3 day(s)
20 500


Course version: 015

Execute Standard Reports
Define Logical Databases
Create Infosets
Build queries using Ad Hoc Query
Build queries using SAP Query
Configure Payroll Infotypes
Access Simulated Time Infotypes

Application Consultant
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
Data Consultant / Manager

HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management
HR305 Configuration of Master Data
HR505 Organizational Management

HR306 Configuration of Time Recording

Course based on software release
SAP ERP 6.07

Human Capital Management (HCM) Reporting
- Identifying the HCM Reporting Requirements and Toolsets

Manager Self-Services
- Reporting on Employee Data Using Manager’s Desktop (MDT)
- Reporting on Employee Data with Manager Self-Service
- Reporting on Employee Data Using SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)

Standard SAP Reports
- Executing Standard Reports
- Defining a User Menu

Logical Databases and Infosets
- Outlining Logical Databases
- Setting Up Reporting Elements
- Creating InfoSets
- Using InfoSet Switches

Ad Hoc Query
- Identifying the Components of Ad Hoc Query
- Creating Reports Using Ad Hoc Query
- Creating Complex Queries with Ad Hoc Query
- Formatting Report Output
- Creating Dashboards

SAP Query
- Creating Queries with SAP Query
- Modifying SAP Query Reports
- Generating Queries with Different Data and Object Selection Criteria

Payroll and Time Management Infotypes
- Setting Up Payroll Infotypes
- Simulating Time Infotypes

Analytical Reporting for HCM
- Creating HCM Reports with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
- Viewing HCM Reports with SAP BusinessObjects
- Reviewing the Use of HCM in Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)
- Identifying HCM Content for Operational Data Provisioning