BW310 BW - Enterprise Data Warehousing

5 day(s)
32 000


Course version: 010
Instructor-led classroom training

Participants will gain SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse knowledge necessary for successful implementation and administration within a heterogeneous SAP NetWeaver BW system landscape The knowledge you will acquire will form the basis for more advanced courses in the BW curriculum

Application Consultant
Business Analyst
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
Program / Project Manager
Technology Consultant

Essential: Basic knowledge of Data Warehousing

Recommended: Experience and sound knowledge of the subject matter in at least one SAP
ERP application course

Course based on software release
SAP Business Warehouse 7.4

Data Warehousing
- Describing Data Warehouse Systems
- Describing Data Warehouse Architecture
- Using the Data Warehousing Workbench

Master Data Modeling in SAP BW
- Describing InfoObjects
- Creating Characteristic InfoObjects

The Loading of Master Data from SAP Data Sources
- Describing Data Flow
- Modeling a Master Data Flow
- Loading a Master Data Flow
- Modeling with the Graphical Data Flow Tool

Loading of Transaction Data from SAP DataSources
- Describing the Core InfoProviders
- Creating a Key Figure InfoObject
- Creating a DataStore Object (DSO)
- Loading Transaction Data into a Data Store Object
- Describing the Extended Star Schema of an InfoCube
- Creating InfoCubes
- Loading Transaction Data into an InfoCube

Master Data Loading from Flat File Data Sources
- Loading Data From a Flat File
- Describing the Data Flow in Detail
- Describing the Data Loading Process in Detail

InfoProviders in SAP BW
- Explaining the InfoProviders Used in SAP BW – Introduction
- Creating MultiProviders

Usage of SAP BI Content
- Using BI Content

Query Performance Optimization
- Optimizing Query Performance
- Monitoring Performance
- Creating and Filling Aggregates

The SAP BW Administration
- Describing Administrative Tasks and Tools
- Administrating the InfoCubes
- Administrating the DataStore Objects
- Creating Process Chains