BW305 BW Query Design and Analysis

5 day(s)
32 000


Course Version: 010

Course announcements
This course gives you the knowledge to create query definitions using the BEx Query Designer and to make them available for OLAP analysis

Learn how to create queries in BEx Query Designer
Learn how to use advanced query functions
Learn how to perform OLAP analysis"

Application Consultant
Business Analyst
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
Program / Project Manager

Basic knowledge of data warehousing

Experience and sound knowledge of the subject matter in at least one SAP
ERP application course"

Course based on software release
SAP Business Warehouse 7.4

Data Warehousing
- Describing Data Warehousing
- Describing Data Warehouse Architecture
- Using Reporting Tools

Navigation Options in Reports
- Using the Navigation Options in Reports
- Saving Analysis Views

Simple Queries
- Creating Simple Queries
- Finding a Query
- Filtering Query Definition Data
- Configuring Query Properties

Key Figures and Structures in Queries
- Creating Restricted Key Figures
- Creating Calculated Key Figures
- Creating a New Formula with Boolean Operators
- Configuring Properties of Key Figures
- Using Exception and Nested Exception Aggregation

Queries with Multiple Structures
- Creating Structures
- Resolving Formula Collision
- Designing Detailed Queries with the Cell Editor

Characteristics and Hierarchies in Queries
- Configuring the Properties of Characteristics
- Running Display and Navigation Attribute Queries
- Adding Hierarchies to Reports
- Adding External Hierarchies to a Report
- Using Hierarchies and Structures
- Creating External Hierarchies

Variables in Queries
- Using Variables
- Creating Characteristic Value and Text Variables in Queries
- Creating Hierarchy and Hierarchy Node Variables in Queries
- Creating Formula Variables in Queries
- Activating Business Content Variables

Exceptions and Conditions in Queries
- Creating Exceptions in Query Design
- Creating Conditions in Query Design

Report-Report Interface
- Using the Report-Report Interface

Query Performance Optimization
- Optimizing Query Performance
- Configuring Query Read Mode
- Use Performance Monitoring Tools

Queries Management and Authorizations Overview
- Managing Query Objects
- Describing Authorizations

Reporting Options
- Outlining Reporting Options for SAP NetWeaver BW

This course focuses on BEx query design. SAP BusinessObjects Analysis is the tool that is used for query execution.