BC405 Programming ABAP Reports

5 day(s)
32 000


Course version: 016

Course announcements
This course will prepare you to develop ABAP report programming skills.
Become familiar with the different list processing techniques
Gain detail knowledge on selection screens
Develop ABAP programs using the SAP List Viewer (ALV)
Acquire knowledge in programming complex database queries and use logical databases to retrieve data from the database

This course will prepare you to:
Develop reports
Create selections screens to enter restrictions for the data retrieval
Implement the retrieval for data stored on one or multiple database tables
Display data using the SAP List Viewer

Developer Consultant



Course based on software release
ECC6.0 EHP8 SP00/NW 7.5 SP01

Introduction to ABAP Reports
- Using Standard Reports
- Implementing a Simple List

Selection Screens
- Implementing a Selection Screen
- Implementing Multiple Selection Screens
- Implementing Input Checks and Creating Variants
- Modifying the Selection Screen at Runtime

SAP List Viewer (ALV) Creation
- Using ALV Functionality
- Preparing the Container Screen for an ALV Grid Control
- Displaying Data using an ALV Grid

ALV Design
- Programming Layout Variant Functionality in the ALV Grid
- Changing the Layout of the ALV Grid
- Adapting the Appearance of the ALV Grid
- Adapting the ALV Grid Control using the Field Catalog

ALV Events and Methods
- Handling Events of the ALV Grid Control
- Handling Additional Events of the ALV Grid
- Calling Additional Methods of the ALV Grid
- Implementing Context Menus for the ALV Grid

Data Retrieval With Logical Databases
- Explaining the Functionality of Logical Databases
- Retrieving Data using Logical Databases
- Using Advanced Functionality of Logical Databases

Data Retrieval Without Logical Databases
- Reading Data from Multiple Database Tables
- Implementing Aggregate Functions and Grouping in a SELECT Statement
- Implementing HAVING and ORDER BY Clauses in SELECT Statements

The Call of Other Programs from ABAP Reports
- Calling Programs and Passing Data

Background Processing
- Performing Background Processing

ALV Object Model (OM)
- Displaying Data with the ALV Object Model
- Adapting the ALV Object Model Output
- Adapting the Properties of an ALV