ADM540 Database Administration SAP ASE for SAP Systems

3 day(s)
20 500


Course version: 016

Course announcements
Gain knowledge in database administration of ASE database running an SAP system

Understanding SAP ASE Concepts and Architecture
Get familiarized with SAP ASE operations
Describe the SAP ASE Administration tools
Explain how to monitor SAP ASE by using DBA cockpit
Describe SAP ASE space management
Explain Business Continuity Planning and Security concept with SAP ASE

Database Administrator
System Administrator
Technology Consultant



Course based on software release
SAP ECC 6.07-System, SAP NetWeaver 7.4, SAP ASE 16

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise Overview
- Describing SAP ASE
- Understanding SAP ASE Editions, Options and versions
- Understanding SAP ASE Concepts
- Finding SAP ASE software on the operating system
- Understanding integration with SAP Netweaver

SAP ASE Server Operations
- Reviewing start process of SAP Netweaver
- Starting SAP ASE
- Stopping SAP ASE

SAP ASE Administration Tools
- Using DBA Cockpit
- Using command line utilities
- Understanding other administration tools

SAP ASE Internal Architecture and Configuration
- Understanding SAP ASE internal architecture
- Configuring SAP ASE for SAP Business Suite

Monitor SAP ASE using DBA Cockpit
- Enabling monitoring with DBA Cockpit
- Monitoring SAP ASE using DBA Cockpit

SAP ASE Space Management
- Describing SAP ASE space management
- Manage space in SAP ASE

SAP ASE Security
- Granting access to SAP ASE
- Enabling network security
- Finalizing DBA Cockpit remote connection to SAP ASE

Business Continuity Planning
- Maintaining SAP ASE
- Recovering from system failures
- Planning for recovery from media failure
- Configuring for backups
- Performing a backup
- Testing to recover a database

SAP ASE Life Cycle Management
- Reviewing SAP ASE Editions, Options and versions
- Planning upgrade of SAP ASE
- Upgrading SAP ASE
- Checking upgrade and post installation tasks

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