Agile Value Requirements - workshop

Master how you communicate your organisations' "real" requirements, and your stakeholders' most critical improvement requirements, in an unambigious, clear, measurable, and testable way.

2 day(s)
14 900
Kai og Tom Gilb

Kurset vil bli ledet av Tom og Kai Gilb begge anerkjente fagpersoner innen kvalitetssikring av softwareprosjekter nasjonalt og internasjonalt. De er et entusiastisk og dynamisk far og sønn-lag som alltid sørger for at du som kursdeltaker får en interessant og høyaktuell læreopplevelse. 

De holder kurs over hele verden innen sitt fagfelt. De er konsulenter for mange internasjonale tungvektere innen IT, er foreleser ved universiteter, høgskoler og store konferanser både i inn- og utland og de skriver artikler og fagbøker. I 2012 ble Tom Gilb tildelt utmerkelsen "Honorary Fellow of the British Computer Society". 

De har utviklet flere kjente metoder og teknikker innen kvalitetssikring og den første boken på emnet "software inspection" kom i 1993 – nå trykt opp 14 ganger.


  • This workshop will allow you to walk away with practical ability to improve your projects most critical requirements.
  • You will be able to identify, classify and specify critical project and stakeholder requirements.
  • You will be able to distinguish, Solutions from Functions from Quality, Value and Performance Requirements.
  • You will be able to quantify all variable requirements.

We hope that most praticipants will choose to study these methods further after the workshop. We will arm you with the skills and material needed.

You will not become an overnight expert. you will become proficient enough to start practicing, and continue learning.

CEOs, Project Managers, Scrum Product Owners and people in charge of purchasing large systems. Requirements Authors and their managers. Architects.

Leading companies all over the world report achieving great results from these specific techniques. Companies like Boeing, TomTom, Bosch, Credit Suisse, Philips, Qualcomm, Schlumberger, Citigroup, HP and many more. As of 2016 over 20000 engineers at Intel has been voluntarilytrained in the Planguage" requirements methods.

Smaller firms, like Confirmit, report fantastic numeric results, year after year. All driven by clear quantified requirements. See: With this workshop, we invite you to learn how to master the requirements process, so as to lead a project to success.

In this workshop you will learn these precious skills form the source, Tom and/or Kai Gilb.

Certification - Trained
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You will get certification in the skill-set of Value Requirements.