BizTalk for Administrators

5 day(s)
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John Callaway

John Callaway has more than 13 years of experience developing enterprise-level applications and teaching advanced courses based on Microsoft products and technologies. Prior to joining QuickLearn as an instructor, John worked as a independent Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) delivering C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SharePoint, Commerce Server, and BizTalk Server classes. Since joining QuickLearn, John has developed a number of Microsoft courses including Host Integration Server, BizTalk Server 2004, 2006 and 2009, and SharePoint Server. John is also the original developer and primary instructor for the BizTalk Deep Dive training which has been taught to thousands of students worldwide. John regularly teaches BizTalk and SharePoint training to developers and systems engineers all around the world. 

Rob Callaway

Rob Callaway er teknolog og er en instruktør som har spesialisert seg på utvikling, distribusjon og administrasjon av Microsoft. NET plattformer og teknologier. Han har laget flere BizTalk utvikler- og administratorkurs, og undervist tusenvis av BizTalk studenter verden over.

Rob har også skrevet flere Microsoft Official Curriculum kurs og vært med å utvikle to BizTalk sertifisering eksamener for Microsoft. Nylig utviklet han et kurs for å implementere Microsoft virtualiseringsteknologi ved å bruke Hyper-V.


Dette er et kurs alle som jobber med BizTalk drift bør ha!

Integrasjon er ofte både komplekst og virksomhetskritisk og dermed stilles det høye krav til drift av BizTalk servermiljøet. Det er en kjent sak at det ikke alltid er like enkelt å drifte ett BizTalk server miljø. Det krever høy kompetanse på området og det er mange fallgruver.

Kurset tar for seg avanserte emner for BizTalk administratorer som ikke er dekket av noen andre tilgjengelige kurs på markedet. Deltakerne vil lære å installere, konfigurere, deploye, monitorere og drifte et BizTalk servermiljø. Dette kurset inneholdet avanserte emner med hands-on labs for multi-server installasjoner, partner integrasjon samt disaster recovery.

Hilsen fra fornøyde deltagere
"The instructor seemed to be very knowledgable, and did answer most questions off hand. He appeared enthusiastic about the topic, and was very engaging."
Magne Ellefsen Nordtveit- Helse Vest IKT

"John was always energetic and happy. His methods of teaching were extremely good! Even more complicated things were presented in a simple manner so that it was easy to follow. Thank you!"
Heikki Liukkonen- Fortum Corporation

"Good pace of lectures/lessons. Always detecting when need for a break. Good follow-up while we were doing labs and struggling with something. Very good in understanding scenarios/questions/issues we had AND answering them. It is always a pleasure attending a course where the instructor has both experience and a lot more in-depth knowledge on a subject than is actually covered in slides/labs. Lots of good tips and hints to take back to our day-to-day operations and administration of BizTalk!"
Merete Dahl Stangebye- Communicate Norge
Course content:
This course covers everything a new BizTalk Server Administrator needs to know to "hit the ground running": installation and configuration, disaster recovery, tracking, troubleshooting, deployment, scripting, and a variety of community tools and best practices. If it concerns a BizTalk Server administrator, we cover it. Each student works with their own multi-server BizTalk Server Group.

The BizTalk Server 2013 Administrator Immersion course content includes instructor-led presentation materials, classroom demonstrations, challenging hands-on labs, and an electronic workbook containing notes and links to additional online resources.

At course completion, students will be able to:

  • Setup new BizTalk Server Groups
  • Add new BizTalk Server computers to an existing BizTalk Server group
  • Deploy BizTalk Server applications using MSIs
  • Manage application configuration using binding files
  • Securely manage passwords using ESSO Affiliate Applications
  • Configure routing of messages using Filter Expressions
  • Enable high-availability of BizTalk Server processes using hosts and host instances
  • Deploy custom Business Activity Monitoring tracking solutions
  • Enable EDI-based integration with trading partners
  • Deploy, monitor, and manage Business Rule Engine policies
  • Automate BizTalk Server management tasks using BTSTask and PowerShell scripts
  • Configure BizTalk database log shipping
  • Design disaster recovery plans
  • Configure BizTalk Receive Ports and Receive Locations
  • Configure BizTalk Send Ports and Send Port Groups
  • Enable message security using pipelines


5 dager fra klokken 09:00 til 16:00 første dag, fra klokken 08:00 til 17:00 øvrige dager


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