Developing Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

3 day(s)
14 500
Alan James Smith

Alan has worked in the IT industry since 1995, and has a broad range of experience with Microsoft technologies. He specializes in intensive training courses in technologies which he has a deep understanding for and a passion for developing with. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and MCPD certified for Windows Azure.

Between courses he acts as a mentor to other developers and teams, sharing his knowledge to improve their project development. He also works closely with Microsoft, attending software design reviews and providing feedback to development teams, helping to improve the quality and usability of their products.

Alan plays an active role in the developer community and co-runs the Sweden Windows Azure User Group as well as sharing his knowledge through his blog and developer forums. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and user groups in Sweden and around Europe. He has held the Microsoft MVP award for eight years.


This intensive course will provide developers with the knowledge and skills required to develop, deploy and manage applications for the Windows Azure platform.

The core windows services, such as Web Roles, Worker Roles and Azure Web Sites will be covered, with guidance on choosing appropriate services for a given scenario. Data storage will be covered in detail, focusing on Tables and Blobs in the Windows Azure Storage Services as well as Windows Azure SQL Databases, and data migration strategies will be discussed.

Application lifecycle management will be covered, including using source control for development teams, and managing continuous integration. Options for packaging, deploying and maintaining Windows Azure applications will be discussed and demonstrated.


  • Cloud Computing and Windows Azure Overview
  • Windows Azure Web Sites
  • Windows Azure Storage
  • Web Roles and Worker Roles
  • Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  • Windows Azure SQL Azure Databases
  • Connectivity with the Windows Azure Service Bus
  • Windows Azure Security and Identity Management
  • Building Scalable, Global, and Highly available Web Apps
  • Windows Azure Application Lifecycle Management

This course has been developed by and is taught by Alan Smith, one of the lead contributors to the Azure development community. Alan is a member of the Microsoft Application Server Group advisor team and provides direct feedback to the development teams on emerging Azure technologies, and has held Microsoft's most valuable professional (MVP) award for eight years.

As an added bonus we offer you a 30-day Windows Azure Pass to further enhance learning and provide the hands on experience you need.

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