Business Processes

All delivery of products and services can be described as a chain of activities, or work processes. Our customers are to an increasing degree describing their activities through process models, either in isolation, or as a part of their enterprise architecture. Drivers are the wish for continuous improvement, automation, or as a means to secure and document compliance with external and internal requirements.

Bouvet has a large number of consultants assisting our clients with the design of work processes. We also offer management of work processes as a service. At the same time as we assist the business in establishing the process, we also establish best practices for training, maintenance processes and a framework for continuous improvement. As part of the service delivery we draw on expertise in areas such as risk, requirements management and compliance, specific business areas or distribution.

We can assist with consultation and selection of modeling tools. Our consultants are proficient with most modeling tools, and we have technical expertise in some of the most prevalent tools.