There is a lot happening on the web. What was at first a tool only available for researchers has now become a place for us all. The truth is we spend more and more of our lives online. We send email, buy books, book tickets, apply for jobs and fill out our tax returns. Many even find love on the web. Bouvet delivers the whole value chain of web solutions, from love to tax.

Must be functional regardless of device

Times are changing. Fast. The devices we are operating on have become more interesting. The transactions are between sender and consumer, and the middle channels are being erased. It has to work, and it has to work well, regardless of whether the solution will appear on your mobile, tablet or pc and mac. This is where Bouvet is at the front. Quite unashamed – we know how to do this. It is exciting to see what we can achieve together with challenging clients who want to take it one step further.

Ease of use

First and foremost, this is about the user. User friendliness which takes into account that people might be sitting on the bus, or in a meeting, that people have fingers larger than a pinhead when they hit search, or like, and that the situation you are in will affect what  information you are looking for.  People may only want to know the schedule for the next bus, and not read about the bus company when they are standing in the rain without an umbrella. But when they get under a roof, they might just book that flight.

New trends = common sense

We may talk about trends, but it is really more about common sense. We book our flights even now, and why should we not? We see more companies connecting their users directly into their management systems – we fill our tax return online, we buy train tickets, we book accommodation, we adjust the down payment rate of our loans. Response time and speed is a given today. And we want it to be visually appealing and technically snappy. At the same time we cannot afford to compromise on security. The users want the whole package. And they shall certainly have it.