Mobile solutions (we meet in your bathroom)

Or in your car. When we talk about mobile solutions, we in Bouvet see possibilities. We see changes, we see solutions. We feel extra privileged to be able to help clients find new ways to communicate, new ways to sell their products, and engage with their customers.

Fun to uncover opportunities

We find it rewarding when clients come to us to share the intense discussions within their own management. What is best? an app? or a mobile website, or if Android or iPhone is the platform to go for. It is fun when you uncover the opportunities that lie in the digital interaction between client and consumers, when you achieve the unexpected with mobile technology.

We in Bouvet help our clients to use mobile solutions in new, inspiring and intelligent ways, which have a purpose and increase the sale or service to consumers.

Integrated Customer Experience

Where previously signs outside the business were the only way of communicating to the costumers, we now have a brand new reality. The customer is now in touch whether he is in the store with our shopping list, or browsing from his sofa. To solve people’s everyday needs and put them in a wider context gives whole new ways to conduct the dialogue with them. At the same time it increases the requirements for a unified customer experience through all channels, both the digital and the analogue.

The whole community needs to think aloud

Discussions within the management team of our clients may start with the question if they should go for mobile web or an app, but it seldom ends there when Bouvet is allowed to contribute. It is not just the management that should benefit from thinking loudly around mobile solutions. We see that many have benefited by bringing their issues to Bouvet including business developers, marketing departments, knowledge managers, process developers, and not least the public sector.

Good design and safety

New areas need new solutions, and also require good design that takes into account that people want stuff to be simple, available and at the same time attractive, while maintaining security. We are not embarrassed to say that we can