Brands (which became icons)

Brands are not just names and logos. They can become stories, to the personalities or the identity markers. Harley-Davidson, Volkswagen or the Norwegian Trekking Association are not just brands, they are icons that form images in our heads, that make us feel something.

A relation is created

We in Bouvet are fortunate to work with several such brands, and have built and profiled these with good effect. You know when a brand evokes something in people, you have hit more than reason. It requires insight, knowledge and professional accuracy. When you build a brand, you build awareness and knowledge of the brand, but it does something more than that. You build a relation.

Understand the market

To do a good job for our customers, we have to understand and dive into the properties located in a brand, what audiences would be interesting, and what drives people. In other words, branding is about understanding the market, understanding people, and understanding this company, that product or service.

Loyal customers

The benefits for businesses that understand the value of building a brand are numerous. They can count on increased loyalty, higher price margins and they become more resistant to attacks from new and existing brands. More loyal customers (or users) are a nice benefit both in the private and public sector.

Want a talk?

It is always nice if you want to have a talk with us. We always have time to talk about branding.